Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wedding jewellery

So I've done a bit more wedding jewellery this month. I'm really looking forward to getting some photos of the brides in the whole outfit on their big day. I've done bridal jewellery before but none of the brides have ever followed up on their promise to forward me some pics afterwards. Fair enough, I do totally understand that I'm a long way down the list of priorities, but these two weddings coming up are going to be very cool ones so I really want some pics! One of the brides is going for a real 50s theme which is going to look awesome, and the other is dressing in a completely non-traditional colour with her groom in a complimentary-coloured safari suit. Hotness. Coolness. Whatever temperature it is, they are going to be great! (Yes, noted that I have an obsession with the temperature atm. That will happen to most sane beings in the month of January in Australia)

Now, a little music for our entertainment:


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