Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting everything done

No idea how I should take this. Got a friend request from someone praising my new designs and then telling me she was going to try and make a copy. And that she'd send me a pic if she managed it. Should I be flattered? I'm not. But I guess I just have to suck that kind of thing up and get on with it.
Chasing some new stockists this week, and updating the website, and finalising pieces for the gifting suite, and prepping for the bushfire fundraiser fashion show on Sat, and doing some tax return thingys, and finishing a few pieces that have been hanging around for a while, and about a million other things.
I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the tasks I have set for myself this week, so I've broken it down into bite-sized chunks. The only fly in my ointment is this damn computer which I use so much for work but then get distracted by completely inane things as well. But not this week! I am a too-busy girl!
We have decided to rent out the spare room, just on a short-term basis, now that the MIL has departed for the fair soils of Eng-er-land. Will help with things like, oh, paying the mortgage and such, you know? So need to get lots done before showing through the hordes of currently-homeless who have been bombarding me since the very second I uploaded the ad. Can't believe how many people seem desperate to move into our little home. I guess this is the rental crisis in full swing.
Anyway, must away to the workbench. There are necklaces and bracelets to make! Hup hup!
PS been given 2 packs of teeny tiny baby playing cards. So divine. Can't wait to incorporate them into the collection.
PPS I love blanket forts. So I had to include this:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Congrats to Duffy's haul at the Brit Awards!

Congratulations to gorgeous soul singer Duffy who triumphed at the Brit awards in London, the biggest night of the year for British music. She was was honoured with awards for best British female solo artist, best British album, and British breakthrough act. Sources report that Welsh singer-songwriter Duffy was close to tears as she accepted the award for best British album for “Rockferry”, the biggest selling debut album in the world last year and the winner of a Grammy earlier this month. “I can’t tell you what this means after five years, thank you so much,” the 24-year-old apparently said.

I've been loving Mercy for a while! Unfortunately embedding the video has been disabled on Youtube so you'll have to click on the link if you want to have a listen to her singing that one. I'm blasting it out at top note today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE2orthS3TQ

I was thrilled to find out that after her recent promo visit to Australia, Duffy went home with a couple of Joolz items: a movie star bracelet and a cow version of the Giddyup necklace - hopefully there will be photos sooner or later - as soon as I get photos of her wearing either of them I will post them up here :)


Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have finally have found a way to assist with fundraising for the fire victims

The craziness of the bushfires that have struck Victorians, taking away lives and homes with such frightening ferocity, has overshadowed every waking moment for us here in Melbourne lately. Smoke is hanging over the city and the smell of it has only receded in our nostrils as they become accustomed to the stink. Its still so hot and dry, and the horror that follows any reports of another fire started or another death added to the tally is exhausting.
I tried to offer our spare room for some emergency accommodation to whomever needed it, but when I called I was told that they don't need any more share-house offers for accommodation. What they are looking for is people who can donate either a caravan or an empty house for 12 months minimum. Obviously I don't have either of those, so I'm so glad to have found another small way that I can assist, with La Dolce Vita:
Emerging local designers Shona Design, Heidi and Seek, Valerie Randello, Marc Nanfro, Ali Bou, Jannifer Boentaran, Ryan Pelzer and Georgia Young have got together to put on the La Dolce Vita fashion event. All proceeds are going to the victims of the bushfires.
I'm assisting them with any accessories they want to borrow for the show, and also a piece to be raffled on the day for additional fundraising.
It is on at the Eltham Community Centre, 801 Main Road in Eltham on Saturday the 28th February from 2pm.
Tickets are $25 including champagne and canapes. To book or for further information please call Georgia on 0425 806 039. Any support is appreciated.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

quote of the day

I saw this recently and it tickled my fancy:
"I realized that when it comes to getting dressed, men are a little bit more important than handbags but less important than shoes. At any rate, we are merely accessories. " - Ashton Kutcher
Who knows if it is true, but whether Ashton really said it or not, I liked it!

Pearls pearls pearls

I need to get some more pearls. Fast.
I can't believe I have nearly run out, but I guess, thinking about it, it has been quite a while since I ordered any of those great big ones that I've been using so many of in the new collection.
Hmmm, now I think about it, not so hard to believe after all...
I realise there are smaller pearls to be had out there, and they are quite easily picked up with a quick trip to the pearl shop, but I want the big ones! Of course! The ones that take weeks to get. That took me months to find in the first place. Yes, those ones. I find they are an essential part of my creative process at the moment and I must get more quite quickly as I'm running low. Probably not by your normal jeweller's standards, but definitely low by mine! What would I do if I had to make this necklace again tomorrow?! It doesn't bear thinking about!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I want to save these to look back on one day :)

OK, yes, I know I'm not actually famous. In fact I am so far from it that I am completely unfamous & unknown. Definitely over on the 'poor, struggling artist' end of the scale.
But total strangers around the world are writing about the latest collection, which is really cool. For me, anyway! I actually have no idea what some of them are saying as I can't read German/Croatian/Japanese etc but I'm excited anyway.

I've made a little list for myself to look at and grin in a slightly manic fashion:
http://www.ecowear.com.au/media.html (just a thankyou at the bottom of the page as I loaned them some joolz for their photoshoot)

I think that's the lot. I guess I can add to it later if I find I've left any off the list. Yayhey :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victoria is on fire

Its been a horrific few days and the sad news is only set to get worse, according to our news sources here in Victoria. So many people are dead and apparently that number is going to increase once all the searches of burnt-out towns is complete. It is completely unbelievable to me that almost entire communities - in this day and age - can be wiped out by fire. How could this happen?
My dad is really angry about it. He says it shouldn't have happened and was preventable. But if, as is being reported, many of the fires were lit by arsonists, then what can you do about that? What can you do about a person who is clearly so emotionally disengaged from their surroundings that they would start something which has taken so many innocent lives, both human & other animals?
I'm utterly saddened by this. It makes me feel so helpless. I spoke to someone this morning about whether we could organise a fundraiser. There have been many many donations already of food, clothing and money, but they need so much more than has already been given. Its a huge task, one which we can all do our bit for, I'm sure. The other thing I heard on the news is that outrageously, there are people setting up fake 'Bushfire Donation Funds' which take advantage of people wanting to help out, and then simply skip town with the money. It blows my mind that humanity can be so rotten.
Thank goodness there are amazing stories out there too. Devastation on this scale brings out our best and our worst, it seems. I've heard of stories where people realised that they couldn't outrun the fires in their car, so they jumped out and climbed into a stormwater drain under the road. My brother's mate Tim and his family got out in the middle of the night and drove as fast as they could. Their home is gone, apparently. But they are safe. There are so many who are not.
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