Monday, January 19, 2009

3TTC Lookbook ready!

Yip yip yippee!!!

So pleased to have finally got it finished. It was sent out to someone to final-draft-triple-double-check, we made some changes to it, and now its ready to float out there into the world.
Ahhh I feel so good about it. It feels like I have been working on this one for months and months. Which, in actual fact, I have been. This one has really taken a long time to put together.

And my blurb as follows:

Third Time’s The Charm
is the third collection from Melbourne design brand Joolz, and it’s simple as black and white to see why this collection is already causing an international buzz. Classically beautiful with contempory styling, compliments are all yours when you step out in these designs.
Gleaming pearls, the only organically sustainable gem on the planet, are teamed with glossy obsidian and onyx. They match prettily with hand-crafted vintage playing card butterflies that flutter perfectly on necklaces and bracelets in a display of delicate symmetry. Beautiful black recycled umbrella silk teamed with pearls becomes a stylish bowtie choker, and the Lady Luck necklace of vintage dice is perfect with hand-cut crystal.
Eye-catching elegance is the key, allowing you to be effortless in making your style statement.
Pre-ordering your preferred card symbol is available for this collection (customisation fee applies). Recycled Las Vegas casino cards & dice are available for customised pieces (from Bellagio, Casino Royale, and Caesars Palace). I also have Crown Casino (Melbourne) playing cards and dice. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a specially personalised piece.
My vision for this collection was for something that was both grown-up but playful, strong on classic black and white colouring, with eco-friendly components. It has taken me quite a journey to bring this to you, from antique stores in Brisbane to the casinos of Las Vegas.
I absolutely love the results and I certainly hope you do too!

Well, geez I hope people love it enough to buy some pieces. Its been a long haul!
And our shoot:


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