Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have added a new favourite

The Selvedge Yard has become a new favourite.
I love this little snippet so much that I have to share it:

"Speaking with Adam Lippes recently, he shared a story about one of the nicest compliments he’s ever received. Adam was working under Oscar De La Renta at the time, and Oscar commented in front of a group– “Everyone, look how rich Adam looks– and he’s not wearing a single rich thing.”

Now, I think that says a lot about someone’s personal style. They look great, but there isn’t one single item that overshadows, steals their thunder, or that takes away from the total package. Confidence (not arrogance), a great personality (and sex appeal), and meticulous grooming, all go a long way towards defining and determining style too.

When you have it all, it (style) becomes more of an aura than a fashion moment or a look. Your style ceases to be something you put on, but rather who you are.

The clothes alone don’t make the man."

So true, don't you think?


Monday, March 16, 2009


I've been wandering blogland and getting to know a bunch of other people that are out there doing lovely, interesting and exciting things.
It does mean I've been a bit relaxed about blogging myself, but that's OK coz I'm pretty busy at my workbench at the moment too. I've got two sets of the new collection to put together - one for Sydney and one for the new stockist I've just got in Brisbane. Hurrah!

But more about that in a moment. I've just got to mention a handful of these new blogs I've been exploring in case anyone is interested! does fantastic reviews of fabulous eco products. I started to browse and was hooked immediately. Just so beautiful!
I Found You I Melbourne is a really cute little joint project from a couple of girls in Melbourne talking of living there, loving there, making friends and occasionally getting carried away at the pub.
I've also started following Ten Dollar Meals In Melbourne because I'm a big fan of a cheap and cheerful restaurant :)
Style Melbourne is a great spot to keep an eye on what's going on in our stylish capital. Plus the girls there are divinely lovely human beings.
And I've really started to enjoy Sassi Sam - her writing just tickles me! Sam talks about all sorts of girly pop culture stuff.

Now, about that new stockist. Thread n Bone is a hot new boutique in Brisbane's most fashionable cool-kids destination - The Valley. (Fortitude Valley if you are ever looking for it on a map, but noone under sixty calls it that.) The brains behind this new venture is one of my absolute favourite couture artistes in Australia - Cyan Reign. Some of you avid Vogue readers would have caught a glimpse of Cyan's designs in last December's issue. I was thrilled when she called me up with an invitation to place my new collection in this boutique. I've had a few enquiries from people in Brisbane wanting to try on something from the new collection, and this is such a perfect destination for my work. The calibre of Cyan's design work is second to none, so I couldn't be happier with the association. The grand opening party is coming up next month, which means - yaaaay - a trip to Brisbane is on the cards. I haven't seen my brother and sisters who live up there since Christmas so I'm really thrilled to be able to head on up there. And - yes - I am a girl who loves a party. Look out Brisbane, here I come! But on that note, I have an enormous amount of work waiting for me in the workroom, so I must depart the laptop for a while. Au revoir!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well, its been a big week for Joolz in my little world.
A little while ago I made a wishlist of celebrities who I'd like to wear Joolz.
I want people who I think really suit the Joolz look - glamorous/funky/edgey people.
The list included singers Lily Allen, and The Veronicas, and MTV host Ruby Rose.
I'm thrilled to report that they all now have some Joolz! And Taylor Swift also has some to adorn her pretty self :)


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tweet tweet!

After hearing about Twitter being the next big thing in social networking for quite some time, finally I've started to give it a go. Its actually quite fun, and the people on it tend to be helpful and friendly, I've found. I still have no idea how people actually find you or anything like that, it seems to be quite an organic process of various things. I generally click through when someone repeats (retweets) something that I like, and find new people that way, or do a search for comments that have used phrases or subjects that I'm interested in.
People tweet about anything and everything, not just what they had for lunch, or what new item they want to buy this week, but favourite songs, sayings, news items etc. Lots of funny conversations on there too, some meltdowns which are always entertaining to watch. Some of the celebrities that are using it are quite interesting too. Its a whole new world of fun!

If you're on Twitter already, come and say hi to me at

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Having trouble with the internets

Apparently we've been upgraded to some super-duper fast new level of broadband.
What this seems to mean is that we keep not being able to get online at all. Huh. Thanks soooo much for that upgrade, AAPT! Really!
I'm loving the constant dropping out, losing connections, or not being able to get on at all. Yeah, very convenient. So I'll be back when I can trust that this will actually work and it won't have dropped out in the short time its taken me to type this.
And by the way - yeah, it didn't work. I'm now on my fourth attempt to try and publish this short post. Geezuz.
Fifth time's the charm! Huzzah! And now leaving the room before I break something.
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