Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Joolz News 27.4.2010

Hello from sunny Melbourne (actually not very sunny today, but it is Melbourne after all so there might be a change before long)!

Loads to share with you this week. I promised to show you the new necklace I’m working on, so here is the first snapshot. Its a collar necklace, using fabric and resin:What do you think?

We also have a special subscriber-only discount this week. The new Pearl Princess bracelets with amethyst crystals (purple is your perfect seasonal colour) are finally here! Normally these bracelets retail at $89, but as an introductory offer for our lovely joolz subscribers, they are available this week only for $40 – yes, that is less than half price!
You can only purchase the Pearl Princess bracelets at this price until the end of the month – ie, this Friday, or until stocks last, whichever happens first (I’m sure you understand that we can only offer a limited number of bracelets at this fantastic price). Purchases must be made via the paypal button in our subscriber email to receive the discount. Didn't get the email? Leave me a note in the comments section of this blog entry with your contact details & I'll send that through for you.
Pictured here with the champagne pink and moonlit black Pearl Princess bracelets.

There’s also a fab giveaway happening to celebrate the new joolz this week, with thanks to a whole plethora of wonderful brands. The ‘pamper hamper’ contains so many goodies! There’s a brand new Australis nail polish in one of this season’s hot new colours, a Joolz cap, magnet, pen and t-shirt, some beautiful mascara from Mirenesse (I have sensitive eyes and I can wear this mascara all the time), a perfume sample, a luscious Nilla Nilla organic pout balm, and some divine Chamellia organic peppermint tea (the lovely Lady Melbourne talked about the value of having some peppermint tea with you when travelling in her video blog last week), all in a pretty lavender re-usable shopping bag from Ecosilk. Hundreds of dollars-worth of booty can be yours!All you need to go in the draw is leave a comment on this blog or our Fanpage, saying which is your favourite item from the Grand Exit collection, which you can view here. The winner will be drawn via an online random name picker and notified via email – you must be a subscriber to win!

Enjoy the last week of April, everyone :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shoot shoot shoot

Its shoot week this week. I was at one on Sunday, whilst another one was also happening that had loaned some of my Joolz Man pieces.
Preview pics of both:
Please note this guy is actually wearing a piece I had intended for a girl, but they really did use some of the guy stuff too!
Its fun to have my Joolz Man designs used in a shoot, it tends to hide behind the feminine designs I create. That quiet and unassuming joolz man!
I've got another shoot booked in for tomorrow. We're trying out a couple of different looks in the studio. Shall post some preview shots of that asap!
NB: details on both these shoot will be available as soon as I can put up the final photos.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A week of giggles

We have been out and about with a comedy theme this week: I've been keen to see MicMacs, which we caught on Monday night at Westgarth Cinema (it was fabulous as expected), then we saw Ivan Brackenbury's Hospital Radio Show at the Elephant and Castle on Tuesday night (definitely worth seeing, it is funny, although I did not find it quite as hilarious as our friend Lee did, who went & saw it twice), and the previously mentioned Hot Tub Time Machine on Wed night (free booze, hurrah!).

Thu night was our night off, then Friday night it was off to the Comic's Lounge to see Lehmo, Monty Franklin & Micky D. The lads kept us in chuckles for most of the night, and I picked up a couple of extra tickets which I'm planning on using next month. The Comic's Lounge in North Melbourne is the place to visit if you have missed anyone at the Comedy Festival that you were hoping to catch - there are a few of them performing there over the next couple of months. However, after getting there early to have dinner with our show last night, I can't recommend the meals. My advice would be to eat somewhere else and then get there in time for the show. They do have snacks available - and I'd be going for those instead of the extremely average, over-priced entree & main meal deal they have on offer.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

When Mr Joolz rang me to say he'd won tickets to the preview screening of Hot Tub Time Machine, I can't say I was deliriously excited.
"What the hell is that?" I (may have) screeched down the phone.
He's a subscriber to 3RRR and (was quite possibly the only one who) rang up for the giveaway, it turns out.
However, with his mum staying with us at the moment, there's not really many opportunities for Date Night, so off we toddled to Melbourne Central, hand-in-hand. To say my expectations were low would be an understatement.
We were greeted upon arrival with bottles of James Boag's Premium Lager and glasses of Cockatoo Ridge Sparkling, which improved my mood no end, let me tell you. I sipped my drink, we people-watched, and the drinks staff hovered attentively, ensuring nobody was left standing with an empty glass. I observed to my beloved that they must have felt the need to get us liquored up because of the outrageous badness of the film we were about to watch. He agreed. And reached for another Boag's as the drinks tray floated by yet again.
And so, I must say, there's a good chance that my following observations may be adversely affected by said bubbly. I had a good time! I laughed out loud not once, but several times! Who knows if this would have happened if I hadn't supped on three glasses of Cockatoo Ridge before wandering into the cinema. There certainly were a few chuckles rippling through the audience, but I'm not sure we could be considered an impartial group, what with all that booze flowing.Its a "boys weekend that goes wrong" film: a group of best mates (John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke) that have grown up, grown apart, and the aforementioned hot tub gives them a chance to right some of the wrongs, sort out their past mistakes, etc. There's also a weird squirrel that makes an appearance a couple of times that I really don't think they needed. Hell, there was already a time-machine hot tub, right?
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that to the totally sober person its probably awful - simply that there are no big surprises, and the laughs are all pretty basic. You won't be challenged, you won't be given any intellectual or moral conundrums, but you might just get a giggle out of it. If good old basic comedy is your thing, then I reckon you'll probably enjoy it. Personally? I love a good laugh.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I've been making brooches. I made a rose brooch and a couple of cameo ones last month, and with the cooler weather starting in, I've been wearing them a lot with wraps & scarves & jackets etc. So I thought I'd better make some more!

Now available at Subject to Change in the subway between Degraves St & Flinders St Station.

Now available at Subject to Change in the subway between Degraves St & Flinders St Station.

Now available at Subject to Change in the subway between Degraves St & Flinders St Station.

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