Saturday, January 17, 2009


I was given a box of almost 30kg of apricots - so I made jam today. Its been probably 15 years since I made jam and I had really forgotten how long that stuff takes. My whole damn day was taken over by sticky, sweet, cooking fruit.
I sensibly offloaded about two thirds of the apricots to various neighbours, and then filled the pot with fruit and sugar and a bit of water and away I went. It worked out OK, I had just about enough jars (15) in the end... man, the problem is, after making jam all day, I'm not sure I ever want to actually eat jam again. I'm not even that into jam normally. But when you've got that many apricots - what else are you gonna do with them? I was hoping to spend a bit of today on Joolz. Damn the jam! Ha. This could almost become a Dr Seuss poem.

I ate some ham
I made some jam
Some jam for Sam
Some jam for Tam
Too much jam said I to Sam
Too much jam said I to Tam
They ate the jam
Sam & Tam
And they ate the ham
I don't give a damn
This poem about jam
Is getting out of hand
And now it doesn't rhyme anymore
Damn the jam!
The end.

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