Tuesday, January 13, 2009

37° eeeeeeek!!!

37° Hells bells.
Its going to be 37° today! (37 °C = 98.6 °F) We slept with the glass door open (security screen locked of course!) last night so that the house could get some extra cooling before shutting everything up this morning to try and keep the cool in.
I can’t complain – it has been a very mild summer so far. Apparently we can expect 39° tomorrow (102.2 °F), and then its going to cool off on Thursday. This is what I love about living in Melbourne. Sure, it gets baking hot, but never for long! After growing up in an extremely hot climate (at the other end of Australia) I love the chance to cool off. Changeable weather is great. I find that all the other Queenslanders who have moved down here totally agree with me. We all love the way Melbourne weather is so unpredictable!
I’ve got some ideas to put together for Jen’s wedding jewellery before Thursday so I’d better get to that. New to this whole blogging thing, hopefully I will improve as it goes along :)


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  1. And there I was worried about 37° - this week we have a lovely uninterrupted 41-43 which is causing our trains to stop working, power outages, and an furious case of overheating by me.


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