Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Melbourne Stockist - YAY!

Situated in Melbourne’s Campbell Arcade (linking Degraves Street to Flinders Street Station, via underground subway), subject to change features a range of exciting independent Melbourne designers.

From contemporary garments, featuring vintage fabrics, ethically sourced ‘no sweat’ t-shirts and dresses, screen prints for men and women, to short-run and one-off items, subject to change has a range of products reflective of the unique style Melbourne is famous for.

Independent Melbourne designers exclusive to subject to change include smallweed’s and poochi-mama. Other labels include New Model Beauty Queen, satu, Cowboy surfer and Tomorrow never knows.

Also included is handmade jewellery by Run Wild Horses, Ludo Made it, smallweed’s and Joolz. If fashion is not your thing, there are also a few select vintage homewares, kitsch cards and gifts to tempt you.

Poochi-mama, designed by shop owner Darren Plunkett, takes contemporary styles and mixes them up with vintage fabrics. Helped out by his mother’s amazing collection of vintage fabrics and old-fashioned dressmaking knowhow, poochi-mama creates limited edition pieces that combine colour, contrast and shape for individual style.

Smallweed’s, named after one of Dickens’ more cantankerous characters, takes simple, classic womenswear and gives it a modern twist. With effects such as hand painted finishes, pleats, smocking, quilting and other use of texture, smallweed’s creates contemporary fashion with a unique angle.

subject to change is a little store chock-full of loveliness, so pop in and say hi!
Shop 8
Campbell Arcade (underneath Flinders St, linking Degraves St & Flinders St Station)
Open Mon - Fri 12pm - 6.30pm, Sat 11am - 5pm

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shows, shoots and shopping

Busy at the moment with the shows coming up, a new stockist in the city, the bridal shoot, a magazine appearance coming up too, lots of work to do for me and for Joolz! Not a lot of time for blogging, unfortunately. Tomorrow I have a couple of pieces to make and send off to the magazine, need to drop off a bunch of pieces to the stockist, meet up with Miss Green at Baroq House to chat about our show happening there next month, and a million other things. Blog love might be a bit lukewarm for this coming month, I have a mental amount of things on.

But I do love love love this: check out Daydream Lily's blog. Superawesome loveliness 'featuring indie art, dreamy photography, handmade craft & vintage finds'.
I also love lots these two gals: GnomeAngel's reviews are fab - she posts the most adorable collections of treats she's found online - and Casa di Tartaruga (the lovely Melena writes about all that stuff we adore - 'shopping, fashion, jewellery, fabulous things that make you go aah, and the little delights that make us each feel special in our own way')

And here's a little sneak peek of the bridal shoot for you!

Enjoy x


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Joolz + Ed Hardy = Fun in Sydney!

I'm doing a show with Ed Hardy in Sydney next month. Can't reveal a lot more than that at this stage but its going to be lots of fun!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flexicar, The Hive, and Bora Bora

Its grey and cold in Melbourne this morning, so I'm posting a little slice of warm, tropical heaven. Bora Bora in Tahiti is one of those "one day" holiday destinations for me. I'm sure everyone's received the email that does the rounds every now and then showing photos of this beautiful place.
Ahhhh. Just looking at it cheers me up and removes the chill a little bit!

Last night I went along to my first experience with The Hive - a networking group for entrepreneurs. According to their website, they "get together to share advice, talk and hang out". I'd heard about it on Twitter (of course) and checked out their Facebook page - sounded interesting, and along I went. Must admit the person they had speaking made my decision to go very easy. Monique Conheady, from Flexicar, talked about starting a business, the sacrifices she had to make, what its like to be a female entrepeneur, and what she'll do differently next time. Was great to listen to her, and I met a couple of nice people too! I'd love to attend their next event too, but its going to be on whilst I'm away. Bummer. They have Kikki-K talking! Love her stuff. Never mind, I guess if I really want to talk to Kikki-K I could actually just find her details and set up a coffee date. Haha!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Absolutely Beautiful Things

I have just discovered my new favourite blog.
absolutely beautiful things is written by Anna Spiro, an interior designer in Brisbane, up in Queensland, where I was born. Her blog is choc-full of loveliness. Haha yay for her - its just gorgeous.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beautiful things energise and inspire me

I was given a jewellery box full of old pieces that belonged to my great-aunt. My aunt and cousin had chosen all the pieces that they wanted, and they thought I might be interested in what was left. How right they were! It was like being given a secret treasure. There are so many beautiful, beautiful things in there. Admittedly, there are some pretty interesting aka not so cool old things too - but just the fact that these are all from last century gets me pretty excited. There's nothing in my world that's more fabulous then uncovering old treasures and trinkets from another lifetime. The absolute crowning glory of the lot, today anyway, is a 6-strand crystal necklace. Its in sparkling blue and softest pink. So much inspiration to be taken just from this one simple, pretty piece! Love it! Initially I thought I would pull apart all of the items that I liked in the jewellery box and make them into new treasures. But everytime I look at this necklace I simply cannot take the cutters into my hand and damage it in any way. Its so perfect as it is!

In other, much more boring news, this damn headcold has really got me at the moment. I hate feeling all fuzzy in the head! I've tried all sorts of things. I have made a tea of pouring boiling water over chopped up chillies and kaffir lime leaves, both from the garden, and have been drinking that - it sort of does seem to help with the head-unstuffing - but I wake every morning hoping to be well again and this stinkin cold is still with me.
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