Thursday, January 29, 2009

So, I'm looking for an Angel Investor

I've been designing and making jewelry since I was a kid. About a year and a half ago I decided to really give it a go and find out whether this was something I could turn into a business. When you live, breathe and sleep jewelry it just seems to be the most natural thing in the world that you should make a living from it.
Since then, I've had the odd bit of industry recognition, and have worked on fashion shows and shoots, getting my designs out there into the fashion world and slowly but surely raising my profile from a nobody to a "soon to be somebody".
Runner-up Accessories Brand of the Year (beating Dolce & Gabbana) just months after I had made this decision did a lot for my confidence and my belief that I really can do it. Being approached by other designers whom I admire about working together, and getting lots of positive feedback about my work from various people has been great.
I think, with my most recent collection, Third Time's The Charm, that I've got it. I think I've cracked it. Eco-chic pieces that are striking to look at, easy to wear, and completely different to anything that's ever been done before.
People love them - both men, and women. Men who don't normally care about jewelry find these pieces 'mesmerising' (yes, direct quote!) and everyone tells me they would love to wear it.
To really get it out there, I need PR help. I need business help. I need lots of marketing assistance and an investor who sees the vision, who 'gets' the collection and can see all the possibilities - options that maybe I haven't even thought of yet...
I saw (well actually I heard - I don't watch much tv as I'm usually at my workbench or desk - but the other people in my house were watching it) a show on tv the other day about a successful businessman who travels around, gets to know people and after a week he decides exactly how much money he's going to give them to help them out with their business. That's what I want. Someone who can see what is needed in capital investment and who goes right ahead and invests in growing my business. Anyone who spends any time with me can see that I'm completely dedicated to Joolz. I spend almost every waking minute on it. I'm like a woman possessed.
How do I find an investor? This is my next challenge. And I will find one!

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  1. Hi Airdrie,
    Thought you might be interested in a competition InStyle has going on, the $10,000 Style Scholarship. Check out the details here:
    Sounds very promising, good luck if you enter!



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