Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brisbane visits, RAFW pretties & other stuff

Spent most of last week in Brisbane, for the launch of Thread'n'Bone on Wed night (it looks fabulous and is full of gorgeous things) and then media chats on Friday, at the lovely Shelter Bar at the Story Bridge Hotel. My sister lives across the road, and its my favourite pub in Brisbane. It was divine to be in a place where people are still enjoying a summery climate, wearing little more than shorts and tshirts. Autumn in Brisbane is lovely. I think I could quite happily spend the winter months in Queensland!
We did a few photoshoots and had a few chats to various fashion editors and magazine types. Got into the Courier Mail on Sat, good shot of lovely model Ellie who spent the day with us, plus a little head shot of me in there too!

Got back to freezingness (aka Victoria) on Sat afternoon and went straight out to Paddy & Lu's farm near the Grampians. Its one of the most beautiful places to wake up in the world. They have a sheep paddock in front of the house with a huge old gumtree, and then its flat landscape until the Grampians rise straight up into the sky. Really beautiful. In fact, I have a photo of that tree standing in the paddock in front of their house - I'll show you what I mean. I just love waking up and walking out to this. It just seems so quintessentially Australian, to me.

Anyway, after a too-fast visit to the farm, back to Melbourne and a whirlwind of jewellery making for RAFW. I found out very late that I was to provide some pieces to accessorise part of the swimwear show happening on Wed (yes, tomorrow!) so had to really knuckle down and get busy. I couriered it all up there last night. Can't wait to see some shots - hopefully tomorrow! I'm following about a million twitterers who are tweeting from RAFW so I'm sure someone will post some pics. Hopefully some shots will show up on Fashionising too. I'll whip them up here as soon as any come to light. Its been a very busy & exciting week so far and looks set to continue!

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