Friday, April 3, 2009

Where are my new red and black beads???

I ordered a bunch of red and black beads a few weeks back. I'm creating an inexpensive mini-range for Blue Attic, one of my favourite stockists.
Tani, the lovely shop owner there, really wanted something from my new Third Time's The Charm range that she can offer around the $50 - $100 price point, and as I'd been thinking about something like this already, I promised her I'd create a red and a black version of the Butterfly Dawn necklace, but without the biggest pearls I could find, or collectable cards from Vegas casinos, so as to bring the price down to a point she can offer her clientele as the 'budget option'.
But the damn beads haven't arrived yet! They should have been here last week, surely. Can't believe how slow the post is.
And on a side note, wow that is quite a storm carrying on overhead right now. Cracking thunder and lovely rain. I did plan on riding my bike to the bank but think I might avoid the outdoors for now! And how great is my timing - I planted some garlic from my mum yesterday. Perfect planting weather! Mum's organic garlic is amazing - fresh, straight out of the ground, its incredible. She has two different types, a purple-skinned one, and one which has huge cloves, about 3 to a head. And soon I will have some of my own from the garden. YUM!

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