Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victoria is on fire

Its been a horrific few days and the sad news is only set to get worse, according to our news sources here in Victoria. So many people are dead and apparently that number is going to increase once all the searches of burnt-out towns is complete. It is completely unbelievable to me that almost entire communities - in this day and age - can be wiped out by fire. How could this happen?
My dad is really angry about it. He says it shouldn't have happened and was preventable. But if, as is being reported, many of the fires were lit by arsonists, then what can you do about that? What can you do about a person who is clearly so emotionally disengaged from their surroundings that they would start something which has taken so many innocent lives, both human & other animals?
I'm utterly saddened by this. It makes me feel so helpless. I spoke to someone this morning about whether we could organise a fundraiser. There have been many many donations already of food, clothing and money, but they need so much more than has already been given. Its a huge task, one which we can all do our bit for, I'm sure. The other thing I heard on the news is that outrageously, there are people setting up fake 'Bushfire Donation Funds' which take advantage of people wanting to help out, and then simply skip town with the money. It blows my mind that humanity can be so rotten.
Thank goodness there are amazing stories out there too. Devastation on this scale brings out our best and our worst, it seems. I've heard of stories where people realised that they couldn't outrun the fires in their car, so they jumped out and climbed into a stormwater drain under the road. My brother's mate Tim and his family got out in the middle of the night and drove as fast as they could. Their home is gone, apparently. But they are safe. There are so many who are not.

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