Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pearls pearls pearls

I need to get some more pearls. Fast.
I can't believe I have nearly run out, but I guess, thinking about it, it has been quite a while since I ordered any of those great big ones that I've been using so many of in the new collection.
Hmmm, now I think about it, not so hard to believe after all...
I realise there are smaller pearls to be had out there, and they are quite easily picked up with a quick trip to the pearl shop, but I want the big ones! Of course! The ones that take weeks to get. That took me months to find in the first place. Yes, those ones. I find they are an essential part of my creative process at the moment and I must get more quite quickly as I'm running low. Probably not by your normal jeweller's standards, but definitely low by mine! What would I do if I had to make this necklace again tomorrow?! It doesn't bear thinking about!

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