Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I want to save these to look back on one day :)

OK, yes, I know I'm not actually famous. In fact I am so far from it that I am completely unfamous & unknown. Definitely over on the 'poor, struggling artist' end of the scale.
But total strangers around the world are writing about the latest collection, which is really cool. For me, anyway! I actually have no idea what some of them are saying as I can't read German/Croatian/Japanese etc but I'm excited anyway.

I've made a little list for myself to look at and grin in a slightly manic fashion: (just a thankyou at the bottom of the page as I loaned them some joolz for their photoshoot)

I think that's the lot. I guess I can add to it later if I find I've left any off the list. Yayhey :)

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