Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting everything done

No idea how I should take this. Got a friend request from someone praising my new designs and then telling me she was going to try and make a copy. And that she'd send me a pic if she managed it. Should I be flattered? I'm not. But I guess I just have to suck that kind of thing up and get on with it.
Chasing some new stockists this week, and updating the website, and finalising pieces for the gifting suite, and prepping for the bushfire fundraiser fashion show on Sat, and doing some tax return thingys, and finishing a few pieces that have been hanging around for a while, and about a million other things.
I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the tasks I have set for myself this week, so I've broken it down into bite-sized chunks. The only fly in my ointment is this damn computer which I use so much for work but then get distracted by completely inane things as well. But not this week! I am a too-busy girl!
We have decided to rent out the spare room, just on a short-term basis, now that the MIL has departed for the fair soils of Eng-er-land. Will help with things like, oh, paying the mortgage and such, you know? So need to get lots done before showing through the hordes of currently-homeless who have been bombarding me since the very second I uploaded the ad. Can't believe how many people seem desperate to move into our little home. I guess this is the rental crisis in full swing.
Anyway, must away to the workbench. There are necklaces and bracelets to make! Hup hup!
PS been given 2 packs of teeny tiny baby playing cards. So divine. Can't wait to incorporate them into the collection.
PPS I love blanket forts. So I had to include this:

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