Monday, July 27, 2009


I've been making big chunky rings lately. They are quite an obsession at the moment.

I met Alan Raga, a New Zealand photographer, recently and he's been photographing them beautifully!

One of my favourites is the Cameo Ring, but so far everyone else I've shown them to seems very keen on the Black Rose. Some of these rings are made from recycled earrings from the 80s (remember those big cluster things people used to wear on their ears? I decided they would look much cooler as a ring) and some are from vintage buttons, and some are beads... lots of different bits and pieces, and all great fun to make!
If you are a subscriber to the Joolz Newsletter which I email out every now and then, you will have already received the discounted pre-sale offer on three of these rings, which I popped in for those special people!

Which ring is your favourite? I'm curious to know if everyone's going to like the same ones that I do!

1. Black Rose

2. Smoke 'n' Mirrors

3. Cameo Ring

4. Macrame Ring (made with woven thread)

5. Japanese Black Widow Button Ring

6. Eighties Tread

7. Scallopine

8. BeadsBe

Last night I had the pleasure of being involved in a photoshoot alongside Alan, with model Esh, and makeup artist Tessa. Everyone was lovely, and we are all looking forward to seeing the final images... but I couldn't resist popping up this little sneak peek for you!



  1. I think the Cameo ring speaks to me, but I love Bubbles as well! Gorgeous :)

  2. I love the Cameo, the Rose and the Beadsbe :)

  3. Why thank you ladies, great feedback!

  4. If I wasn't already legally bound to a human man I would marry the Smoke and Mirrors!


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