Monday, July 27, 2009

the "Kreativ Blogger" Award

The very lovely Catherine sent me the "Kreativ Blogger" Award. She has the fabulously gorgeous blog - lots of great stuff on there. Her latest post is set to be a great one for comments, I think, its called: Super Sunday - Super hot or super not? She posts a picture of someone she has seen on the street, or alternatively you can email her a picture, and people can rate the outfit being worn.

Its lovely to receive this award, although it does come with strings attached! You have to tell people 7 things about yourself that they may not know, and then you must pass the award on to a certain number of other bloggers. Now, I am always a little hesitant of those things where you have to pass it on to 'x' number of people - it hints a little of chain letter to me. Although I think in this case, its a nice way of interacting with your fellow bloggers. And I'm pleased to discover that I'm not the only one who thinks this way! Simon's version of the rules, and history of where this particular award seems to have originated, is great!

So although I do think this is a very sweet idea, I've taken out the number of bloggers that you have to 'pass it on' to. I think those kind of things really should be up to the individual to decide. I'll let you read down further to find out what my 7 things are, and whom I've decided to share this award with.

So here are seven things that you wouldn't necessarily know about me...

1. Seven is a special number to me! I am the eldest of seven children. I have three younger brothers, and three younger sisters, whom I love dearly.

2. I am the only one in my family who lives in Melbourne. I live in Melbourne, but I was born in Toowoomba, Qld, and grew up on a remote rural property in between two small towns in north-west Queensland called Julia Creek and Normanton. Its a place of wide-open spaces and I still miss those amazing night skies full of stars.

3. When I was a kid growing up in that remote part of the world, I won a BMX bike in a competition to design a road-safety sticker. I can't actually remember what I submitted, but I think it was something to do with "buckle up to stay alive"!

4. My family still call me by the nickname that I earned when I was a baby. Everyone else calls me Airdrie or a variation on that - Air, Aird, Airds (and once, Pear Tree) lol

5. I have travelled across Russia on the Trans-Siberian railway. Yes, I would do it again.

6. I used to make and decorate cakes in a previous business which I started up when I was just out of high school. However, I find wedding cakes rather stressful to create, and only do it for friends now as a very big favour. Wedding jewellery, on the other hand, I love to create!

7. If you want to make me do something, chocolate should be your weapon of choice.

In no particular order, here are the list of blogs I'm giving this Kreative Blogger award to. They are all different, united by the pleasure I get in reading them. Enjoy taking a look, and if you pop in, let them know I sent you :)








Nominee Rules: • Thank the person who nominated you for the award • Copy the logo and place it on your blog • Link to the person who nominated you for this award • List seven things about yourself that people might find interesting • Nominate and post links to the Kreativ Bloggers you nominate • Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.


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