Friday, July 31, 2009

New stockist in Double Bay

I'm delighted to announce that Joolz will be available from 1st September at the Vintage Luggage Company, 19 Bay St, Double Bay. In celebration of this, a pre-launch cocktail party will be held on 27th August. Numbers are extremely limited. Please contact me if you would like to be considered for the VIP guest list.

The Vintage Luggage Company specialises in rare and vintage pieces from around the world, embodying perfectly the ethos that beauty, craftsmanship, and quality never go out of style. They are the perfect home for the Joolz collection! I'll hand over to them to explain further:

"150 years ago, beautiful luggage artfully designed and expertly crafted by famous trunk makers of a bygone era were an obligatory requirement for the wealthy upper classes whilst they undertook fantastic journeys to exotic locations and foreign destinations. "Getting there was not as important as how you got there".

The luggage also needed to exude an air suitably reflecting the privileged circumstances of the blue-blooded aristocracy who formed the travelling elite.

French trunk makers Louis Vuitton and Goyard both designed and crafted trunks of unparalleled quality and inimitable style. Expertly and painstakingly constructed by hand from metal, timber, leather and brass, these trunks were highly sought after and favoured by royal families and international high society alike.

In modern times these exquisite and eclectic pieces of luggage are best enjoyed as stunning decorator pieces in the home and office arena.

Steamer wardrobes and courier trunks are perfectly proportioned as beautiful coffee tables, cabin and hat trunks make ideal side tables or blanket boxes at the base of the bed. The Vintage Luggage Company offers an impressive choice of authentic Louis Vuitton,Goyard, Hartmann, Marshall Field and Oshkosh vintage luggage.

Our aim at the Vintage Luggage Company is to enhance the aged beauty of these exceptional trunks without tampering with their originality. Therefore, while the trunks are meticulously cleaned and the brass fixtures fastidiously polished to a lustrous glow, we refrain from adding new "spare parts". This ensures the integrity of each trunk remains intact and its potential as a valuable investment item is unrestricted.

To experience first-hand the grace and character of these precious pieces from the past, please visit our showroom in Double Bay where a unique selection awaits you."


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