Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beautiful things energise and inspire me

I was given a jewellery box full of old pieces that belonged to my great-aunt. My aunt and cousin had chosen all the pieces that they wanted, and they thought I might be interested in what was left. How right they were! It was like being given a secret treasure. There are so many beautiful, beautiful things in there. Admittedly, there are some pretty interesting aka not so cool old things too - but just the fact that these are all from last century gets me pretty excited. There's nothing in my world that's more fabulous then uncovering old treasures and trinkets from another lifetime. The absolute crowning glory of the lot, today anyway, is a 6-strand crystal necklace. Its in sparkling blue and softest pink. So much inspiration to be taken just from this one simple, pretty piece! Love it! Initially I thought I would pull apart all of the items that I liked in the jewellery box and make them into new treasures. But everytime I look at this necklace I simply cannot take the cutters into my hand and damage it in any way. Its so perfect as it is!

In other, much more boring news, this damn headcold has really got me at the moment. I hate feeling all fuzzy in the head! I've tried all sorts of things. I have made a tea of pouring boiling water over chopped up chillies and kaffir lime leaves, both from the garden, and have been drinking that - it sort of does seem to help with the head-unstuffing - but I wake every morning hoping to be well again and this stinkin cold is still with me.

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