Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shows, shoots and shopping

Busy at the moment with the shows coming up, a new stockist in the city, the bridal shoot, a magazine appearance coming up too, lots of work to do for me and for Joolz! Not a lot of time for blogging, unfortunately. Tomorrow I have a couple of pieces to make and send off to the magazine, need to drop off a bunch of pieces to the stockist, meet up with Miss Green at Baroq House to chat about our show happening there next month, and a million other things. Blog love might be a bit lukewarm for this coming month, I have a mental amount of things on.

But I do love love love this: check out Daydream Lily's blog. Superawesome loveliness 'featuring indie art, dreamy photography, handmade craft & vintage finds'.
I also love lots these two gals: GnomeAngel's reviews are fab - she posts the most adorable collections of treats she's found online - and Casa di Tartaruga (the lovely Melena writes about all that stuff we adore - 'shopping, fashion, jewellery, fabulous things that make you go aah, and the little delights that make us each feel special in our own way')

And here's a little sneak peek of the bridal shoot for you!

Enjoy x


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