Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tweet tweet!

After hearing about Twitter being the next big thing in social networking for quite some time, finally I've started to give it a go. Its actually quite fun, and the people on it tend to be helpful and friendly, I've found. I still have no idea how people actually find you or anything like that, it seems to be quite an organic process of various things. I generally click through when someone repeats (retweets) something that I like, and find new people that way, or do a search for comments that have used phrases or subjects that I'm interested in.
People tweet about anything and everything, not just what they had for lunch, or what new item they want to buy this week, but favourite songs, sayings, news items etc. Lots of funny conversations on there too, some meltdowns which are always entertaining to watch. Some of the celebrities that are using it are quite interesting too. Its a whole new world of fun!

If you're on Twitter already, come and say hi to me at

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