Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shop Review: Curious Oyster

Mrs Peterson

Little Bubalishka

Owl & Fox


Pirdy & Snow Fawn

Brooches by Priya
I'm a fan of jewellery, yes that is a given. What you might not know is that I'm also a fan of owls. Not in a full-on collector-y way like a friend who shall remain nameless, but I like 'em enough to be very pleased with the delightful collection of our hooting friends to be found at The Curious Oyster Shoppe at 776 High St, Thornbury.

Filled with vintage furniture, it is very much like taking a wander around your coolest aunt's living rooms. Clocks and handbags jostle for space on the walls, chests of drawers are left open to reveal hand-painted cards nestled beside laser-cut earrings, open a cupboard and you'll find handbags and frilly knickers hanging side by side with knitted gingerbread dolls.

Made by Jo

XOX by Borrowed Earth, inner tube bag by Nearly Roadkill

Soy tea cup candle by Serene Tresider

With the chesire cat grinning at Alice in the front window, I knew straight away this was going to be a fun place to visit. Annaliese van Oosterwijck, proprietor of this treasure trove (and also maker of divine Nilla Nilla Pout Balms), tells me that "people love that this doesn't look like a shop, it's like going into someones home." There is lots of handmade jewellery (hurrah!) strewn on tables, perched on pretty teacups and dangling chandelier-like from lamps & cocktail glasses. Yes, the Curious Oyster Shoppe is a Joolz stockist! I've found my next clock - an adorable laser-cut woodland image to adorn my wall and keep time. There's some gorgeous crockery too!

Image courtesy of Mother Maria
Clothes made using vintage fabrics are on racks in the back room, and I found some awesome hand-printed, made in Melbourne leggings hanging over a cupboard door (yes, the stylist in me screamed out loud - fingers crossed we'll see some appearing in a photoshoot soon!).
Image courtesy of Captain Robbo
All the designers have been hand-picked by Annaliese, each chosen carefully to represent the mad hatter's tea party that is the Curious Oyster Shoppe.

Why so curious? When they were growing up Annaliese and her cousin Veronica watched Alice in Wonderland over and over again, and as she says, to new visitors the shop looks a bit like a curiosity shop, hence the "Curious Oyster Shoppe" was named.
Butterfly dictionary print by Hello Handmade, vintage glass soy candle by Serene Tresider

Drink Me Alice

This is certainly not a shop that caters to just one age bracket - you can find something to delight at any age, I'd say. And coming soon: a Moorish Tea Room, plus a delivery of fabulous vintage coming in from Europe (when they can get planes flying out again, I'd assume). I'll be hustling back there for that, let me tell you!



  1. Oh hello! I see some familiar jewellery here! Annaliese is such a darling! xo

  2. Yes she is so lovely, isn't she? And yeah, I do love that collection of yours ;-)

  3. Great to stumble across your blog Airdrie! Thank you for the little plug on Mother Maria. We love Annaliese and can't wait to see her shop in person on our Melbourne trip in March. Hope you are really well! Katie x

  4. Hi Katie! Yes its such a lovely shop, I was thrilled to find your designs there.


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