Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sailing World Cup Ladies Day Luncheon & Fashion Show

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I'm just back in the office after a lovely afternoon down at Sandringham Yacht Club. Today was their fundraiser for ovarian cancer research, a ladies luncheon and fashion show. I had donated a necklace and earrings as one of the raffle prizes, and also had some accessories in the fashion show.

It was a lovely day, the girls at the yacht club did a fine job. One of my favourite stylists, Tessa, was working busily behind the scenes, making sure all the fashion was organised and ensuring the models looked perfect before they strutted down the catwalk - today's catwalk was a long carpet of faux grass. It worked very well for the event! And another of my favourite stylists was MC - Amber Renee did a great job, even though (as she told us early on) she was dealing with a rotten cold.

The fashion looked great, the models were lovely, makeup perfect (done by one Megan Kirkup, who I've had the pleasure of working with several times), and although our view of the bay was mainly wet wild n windy, still a very lovely spot to spend an afternoon.

I have some truly dreadful photos from the phone, but am hoping that I may be able to share some with you once they are forwarded on to me from the organisers, or some of the more professional shots that were taken by others who were there. I promise you don't really want to see my shots from today.

See? Not really worthwhile, is it? We'll just have to wait and I'll update this post once some decent photos become available!

Some pics are up on Style Melbourne - if you'd like to check them out, click on the link. Here are a couple of them. Thanks to Sarah Lamb for snapping these :)


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