Monday, February 1, 2010

Sarah Hickey's fabulous art has caught my eye

Oh so pretty, pretty, pretty! Look at Sarah Hickey's gorgeous works of art!

I love the work of this Brisbane-based artist, and when I do finally have some serious cash to splash on fabulous art to decorate my walls, this is one artist whom I plan to sponsor heavily. With a style that is situated somewhere between religious iconography and mid-twentieth century pin-up posters, I absolutely love the colour, shape and 'joie de vivre' her work exudes.
I guess I probably should check in with Mick about all art purchases before decorating our walls, but really, who wouldn't love a bit of this loveliness in their house?
I know I'm not the only one, as Barossa Belle has used four artworks from Sarah's Goddess series to decorate their wine. Heavenly!

You can click on any of the pics to be taken to the gallery they belong to on Sarah's website.

Please note: the fuzziness of some of these pics is entirely due to my poor quality images and are not what her work really looks like. You can see the clarity of the pics change where I have been able to get a good quality image from the artist.

And there's more! Mum & Dad visited to catch a bit of the tennis last week, and they brought with them some of the loveliest chocolate I've ever had. Rococo Rose is a fine dark chocolate infused with rose oil. YUM! I've never seen it before, and I have no idea if you can find it in Melbourne anywhere. I know you can purchase it online, and if you are a fan of unusual, delicious, organic chocolate, then you may certainly wish to try this!



  1. These has been from an ultimate artist only. I am also a good painter and working as a drawing teacher in the school level. Thanks a lot for the beautiful post.
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  2. Thank you Jenny, I do love her art :)

  3. Sarah is a gorgeous woman with gorgeous talent! You have a fabulous eye! Your work is also stunning :) All this beauty .... so little time *sighs*

  4. Fab pics, extremly good taste. I love your style and I became fan of the design jewelry.

    Thanks so much to visit and comment on Fashion Heroines. I hope you come back soon to following new posts and looks.

    kisses from Portugal

  5. Thanks Sandra - she certainly has a gorgeous talent! And thank you for your kind comments about my designs.
    Thank you for stopping by retro-a-porter, I enjoy your blog :)


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