Monday, January 18, 2010

Final photoshoot before NY

Chatting away to the lovely peeps at Nolcha about what I'm bringing over with me in the new collection and it turns out that I had a couple of hairpieces and bangles which they were pretty keen to take a closer look at - I hadn't featured them that closely/clearly in any of my shoots to date.
So it was a wild last minute shoot we organised - I messaged some of my favourite photographers and stylists to see if anyone was free over the weekend - and then once those were sorted out, the stylist and I started hunting for a model, a hair stylist, and a makeup artist. I hate that sick stressed-out feeling I get when its less than 24 hours til a photoshoot and I am still missing a crucial piece of the puzzle - at this stage, two pieces! However, we finally had everyone assembled, and in the way these things work out sometimes, it was a superawesomefabulous crew!

I have to acknowledge everyone right here and now for pulling this together - I love the results, and it certainly was a big team effort. My beautiful friends Mark and Matt loaned us their rooftop balcony in Prahran for the shoot - it overlooks the city and the gardens and the bay - such a gorgeous spot! Its a big favourite with all their friends so we had plenty of onlookers for the duration of the shoot, which was entertaining for both us and them. I've never shot with so many people just hanging out & watching, but when you're busy and focussed on a goal, turns out these things really don't matter at all. And they are all great people, so that certainly helped I'm sure! We took a fab group shot at the end of the day to include everyone who was still hanging around and its such a great picture, I love it! Such a shame we couldn't get the photographer in the shot as well - they are always behind the lens.

Big thanks to Steve and Shaun, who were the hairstylists & hairpiece fixers for the day. These guys were actually on holidays at the time and didn't have any of their equipment with them, so completely pulled together fabulousness out of thin air! Tessa, the sweetheart stylist, brought along some gorgeous gorgeous dresses. The makeup artist was also called Tessa (I've not been on a shoot with two Tessas before, and I don't think they had either) and her work is absolutely superb.

And the models, as I'm sure you can see, were truly perfect. I've worked with lovely Nina before (you'll recognise her from my Spirit of the Black Dress submission shoot), but this was my first time working with lovely Mia. They were both fab fab fab. Don't you think? And of course Vendula - wow, what a talented photographer she is! It is such a pleasure to work with a team of diverse talented people who all pull together to bring about beautiful results.

Thanks for being awesome, everyone! YAY!


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