Thursday, September 3, 2009

MSFW - The Spirit of the Black Dress

I told you a few weeks ago about our inclusion in the winning top 10 designs for Spirit of the Black Dress! They were revealed to the public in a flurry of loveliness and lots of champagne at the grand old dame of Collins St, Georges, in Melbourne on Monday night. Leigh Buchanan, last year's runner-up for Project Runway, was one of the other Top 10 Spirit of the Black Dress designers, it was great to meet him, and Anthony Capon was there too! Two lovely Project Runway boys, last year's runner-up and this year's winner :)

So of course, now I can show you what it looks like! (I posted these on Facebook a couple of days ago, apologies for the slowness getting them up on the blog, but MSFW is a crazy week and I don't have time for much online updating)

Dress by Claire Djuve (Smallweed's) and Airdrie Makim (Joolz).
Photographer: Leila Morrissey
MUA: Monique Gow
Model: Nina Komolova



  1. Love your little black dress the pearls and butterflies look amazing!

  2. I saw all the dresses at Georges yesterday!
    Congrats - you should be so proud of the lovely dress xx

  3. Thank you sweethearts! So glad people are going to see them! I loved all the other designers' work too - its such a great exhibition, don't you think?


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