Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miss Green's Wardrobe has arrived

Tonight will be the culmination of weeks, months, yes AGES of meetings, plans, changed plans, rehearsals, styling, plans and yes, a few more changes. Miss Green's Wardrobe is hosting her first fashion show, as an added extra for her usual guests who come together for a high-end fashion exchange program which runs roughly every three months or so. Lads & ladies sip champagne, nibble on little treats, and exchange their garments for a certain value which they can then use to spend on other garments that have been thrown into the mix. The rules simply are that they must be high-end fashion pieces, and that they are either brand new (one of those things that you bought and then changed your mind about when you got it into the cold hard light of day) or only very gently worn.

From her website: "The concept of Miss Green’s Wardrobe is simple! For just the price of a ticket, you are invited to bring in between 1-5 gently worn, unwanted designer fashion items, and swap it for some fresh and fabulous wardrobe pieces. The idea being that having a great wardrobe doesn’t have to cost the earth."

The event this evening will be enhanced by a fashion show, including yours truly doing the jewellery, Melissa shoes, and Farage clothing, plus some handbags from Apple&Bee. Tickets have been sold for both the swapper event, and the fashion event, so there will be people there keen on both, or just to come and watch the show. Its going to be a busy day, so I must press on, but I should have pictures to post about it all tomorrow.



  1. and now I can't go :( I'm so upset but I can't venture out with a black eye and a headache!

    This was going to be the highlight of my working week!
    Have a fantastic time and take lots of pictures!

  2. OMG what the hell happened? Black eye???


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