Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I've listed over $1300 of joolz on ebay for the Qld Flood Relief

Hi there everyone,

As I'm sure everyone knows by now, the situation up in Queensland is pretty dire.

I've been watching the news reports, feeling competely helpless, and decided to donate via a joolz sale on ebay. I've listed over $1300 worth of stock , and every single one has a starting bid of just $0.99 All proceeds will be donated to the Qld Flood Relief.

Check it out, and happy bidding!
Ltd Edition Qantas Playing Card Butterfly & Pearl Necklace RRP$499 - starting bid $0.99
Pale pink resin necklace RRP$45 - starting bid $0.99
Silver Cameo Drop earrings RRP $35 - starting bid $0.99
*Please note these pictures are only some of the items listed. You need to click on the link to check out all the fundraiser items.


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