Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New media attention

I was delighted to read the The Age newspaper on Sunday to see that they've favourably reviewed Blue Attic (readers will know from previous posts that BA is one of my lovely local stockists) and also included in the review was their fave find at Blue Attic - a snapshot of my cameo cufflinks! Hurrah!

Its delightful to have the cufflinks finally noticed. They are so much work! I haven't shared with you the fiddly process of making them yet. Perhaps I'll give you a pictorial guide soon... The cameos themselves are rather tricky to make, with the different layers of resin, the erratic drying times, and the easy-to-misjudge layering - layer too soon and the colours 'melt' together, layer too late and the top layer 'bleeds' into the edges of the layer below it! And no, it does not always take the same amount of time to set. Haha of course not. It has so much to do with the weather on the day that I'm making it. And on top of all this, the sterling silver cufflink findings themselves don't stand up by themselves in the resin - I kind of have to 'hold' them in place while the resin sets - which can be like watching paint dry. If I let go too soon, guaranteed the cufflink finding will upend itself into the resin and sink. If the weather's not terribly good, the resin doesn't like to set properly - it seems to really enjoy hot sunny weather. Yeah, fun times in the workroom. Luckily I'm a crazy lady who loves playing around with different jewellery materials and experimenting with new ideas all the time. In fact, I'm headed out to the workbench right now to try out a new idea I have for some lion's head cufflinks! Yay :-)

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