Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jungle Cats

Yesterday it was 39°C (102.2 F) here - yep, pretty stinkin.
We had a photoshoot planned with three awesome models, a brilliant photographer, fantastic makeup artist and a superhot stylist.
In the blazing sun.
And we started in the middle of the day.
Are we all crazy? Yes, yes we are. CRAZILY AWESOME is what we are - I think the photos are going to be amazing. The team was just overflowing with greatness, and I think the results we saw on Natasha's camera screen were a preview of loveliness to come.
I took a few snaps during the day. I'll share a handful with you - so you can see what I mean!

Photographer: She is Frank
Models: Naomi Kissiedu, Iskra Galic & Shirlene Lai (GIANT Model Management)
Stylist: Fashion Hayley
Makeup Artist: Megan Harrison
Assistant: Cathy Sison
Accessories: Joolz



  1. Hey Catty, Thats nice snaps and good modeling between forest. I found some other snaps too named on Jungle cats. Thats also cool....



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