Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perfume - one of my favourites

I love perfume. Only good perfume though. I find those trashy ones released with a celebrity's name slapped on them truly revolting. This is a big fave:



  1. I have to agree the celeb ones are bad - except my not so secrect shame (now) is that I love that Mariah Carey one with the butterfly lid.

    Other than that I am a:
    Christian Dior - Hypnotic poison
    D&G Sicily
    Burberry Brit Red

  2. How cool are those pics! Wow, - great blog! Absolutely love your black rose ring xx

  3. I love Issey Miyake perfume. received a bottle from my godfather for christmas, so delicious!

  4. Bucca - lol 'secret shame' you make me laugh!
    The Danish Girl - yes, aren't they cool! Thanks!
    SdV - mm that one is gorgeous isn't it?


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