Sunday, September 13, 2009

MSFW - Miss Green's Garden Party

Sunday 6 September saw us gearing up for the final day of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. And what a lovely day it was. Off to The Willows on St Kilda Road we went, with a trunk-full of Joolz to adorn some of the models for Miss Green's Garden Party event.

Each of the designers involved in the event were challenged by Miss Green to create one dress using eco friendly methods and materials in their creations, which were auctioned at the end of the day, with 50% going to the designer's chosen charity. The designers involved in the parade included Joolz, Alexi Freeman, Anna Campbell, Eva Q, Lady Petrova, Nicolangela, Jenny Bannister, Miss Lyndel Yeo, Made in Donald, KBAD, Sara Victoria, Nikolina Concepts, Tiffany Treloar, Messina Designs, Leonard Street, Hair Fascinators and Hopeless Hotel (HH worn by Bec’s Garden Party Girls).

It was a beautiful setting, and a lovely afternoon. Lots of gorgeous lovely people about, and I would have chatted away all afternoon if I hadn't been dead on my feet from the previous week's activities! Not much sleep over the past week certainly caught up with me, and I was almost monosyllabic by the end of the day. However, it was great to catch up with a few people and admire the magnificent job that young Miss Green did in pulling together a very fabulous garden party.

Some photos from the fabulous folk at of the lovely models who were in joolz for the day:



  1. Ah it was a lovely day and SO nice to meet you finally! Even though we were both exhausted!

  2. Great to finally meet you too honey! Haha lets try to catch up closer to the start of the week next time :)

  3. Wow, all the gear are gorgeous, what a super stylish beautiful Garden Party that was.

  4. Thanks Connie, it was a lovely day!


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