Friday, May 6, 2011

Fashion for men in the 70s - superhot or supernot?

So I got this email from a friend of mine this morning - absolute GOLD.
I have to share it with you guys, its too good not to!

Don't skip the copy that accompanies these gems from a bygone era, particularly this first one below.
Oh, and I love "Men in belted sweaters". And those Eleganza shoes? Pimpin!

Are YOU man enough to fill it?

"Just make sweet sweet love to the camera, Steve. Yeah, that's it man!"

This stretch terry jumpsuit comes with or without hood - so you can be as gangsta as you wanna.

Not only is that a damn fine hat, but that open-necked shirt gives me heart flutters. At least, I think that's what's going on...

The ties. Oh, the ties.

Jack's got his proud face on. Suzy cannot believe that collar!

Unfortunately we were so eager to include the caped suit that we had to cut away most of the seated beauty who had fallen to the floor in a swoon over how fly our boys are looking here.

Shoes = $34.95 Coat = $94.95 Suit = $57.95 Absolute Pimpin-ness = Priceless

Jerry and John laughed at Greg, as they scored all the pretty colours. Oh, how they laughed!

"Mama always told me that I'd know my true love by the belted sweater he wore - with so much dashing charisma, how could I say no?"

"Hey, where did all the weed go? You promised us, man!" "Aw shiiit, looks like Bruce got started early"

Nothing says 'happy families' like matching sleepwear!


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