Monday, April 4, 2011

Adding a splash of colour

I'm in love with adding a splash of colour, and it seems that I'm not alone. I've noticed when checking out photos of what people are wearing around the world at the moment that there is definitely a big interest in colour out there right now. Those of us living in Melbourne love our black, and I doubt I'll be changing drastically, but I'm trying to make sure to break it up with some colour whenever I go out at the moment. Adore these ideas:
image courtesy of
image courtesy of The Sartorialist
When I started planning it, I was pretty sure that my next collection was going to be black and white. But different colours kept creeping in. I can't seem to help it, its going to be bright and colourful instead! Hahaha, completely not what I had originally planned, but that's the way things go when designing a new collection sometimes!
New joolz multi-coloured agate cross necklace, coming soon!
I am looking forward to sharing the new collection with you, I have had lots of fun making it. Not long now!


  1. love these shoes!

  2. Thanks Annie, yes I'm pretty keen to get some!


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