Thursday, September 16, 2010


Its been a busy fashiony time recently. Melbourne Spring Fashion Week kept me out and about for the first week of September, and I've been styling shoots quite a bit too. Can't share lots about some of these shoots as we have to wait until the magazines come out before I can show you anything. Really looking forward to seeing them though! The wait is keeeelling me! Damn virtuous patience!

What I can share with you is the blog entry from my lovely stylist assistant for the day, Sarah! She was such a pleasure to work with - so positive, so interested, and so proactive. And she took some snaps too! I only managed one on that particular day, so glad someone else was out there taking pics. I love having 'behind the scenes' shots for some reason, who knows why. There are also some great ones from another shoot (which I've included here) from our fab makeup artist, Jacinta.

Have to get to bed early tonight, as tomorrow's shoot includes a three hour drive to get out there. It will be worth it though! Can't wait! My house is full of the most stunning fashion to shoot out there tomorrow. Some of it is straight from the catwalk at MSFW - truly beautiful designs. Ahhh... bliss :)

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