Thursday, June 17, 2010

WANT: Cats Eye Sunglasses

Of course there are several loves competing for number one in my fashion accessory favwas. Shoes, yes, jewellery, of course, scarves, bags and sunglasses.

Ah, sunglasses! I love them, and I have a terrible penchant for expensive ones. More so than my budget allows, which can be quite annoying. If I buy cheap ones that I like the look of, then yes, they get worn too, but generally the cheap lenses on inexpensive sunglasses annoy me entirely and I have to go back to my pricey ones. I'm not one of those people who refuse to buy expensive sunglasses because they lose them all the time - I do lose sunglasses, its true, but actually quite rarely.

The latest shape in my sights are some cats eye sunglasses.

As I'm sure everyone knows by now, I love retro shapes - and these are just fab.

I'm thinking of getting these little cheapies just coz I love how they look - Geometric Cat Eye Sunglasses in black with pink lining.
This shape is definitely getting some attention - time to update the shades!



  1. Do you have any links for the glasses your showing off hun? Or just images?

  2. Hi lovely, I've been looking for them whilst I'm overseas, they aren't that common yet unfortunately so online looks like it might be the best place to purchase! Here are a couple of links:
    retro ones
    newer style


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