Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glasses - hot or not?

I have a beautiful fashionista friend who wears contacts, and she recently blogged about her dislike of wearing glasses. It got me pondering the whole glasses issue and how we react to them. Some people really love that 'sexy librarian' look, some people see it as geeky (which can be either good or bad - personally I love a bit of geek-chic), and many people, unless they actually wear them, don't seem to have deeply held opinions about it (this based on a spot poll I did today of a very small group of people, so if I am wrong please let me know). I know how cliched this is, but they do seem to give people an intellectual look; I feel I look much more clever when I put them on!

Some people rock their glasses really well, others hate them with a passion. When I was in high school I desperately wanted glasses, and ended up getting a pair (albeit with the lowest possible lens modification). I loved them, and wore them everywhere I could (although they did make my eyes feel a little funny). Then I lost them, and didn't bother replacing them.
They showed up years later in a box of mementos, I laughed, put them on, and put them away again. I've had my eyes tested recently, as I was thinking maybe it was time to revisit the idea of glasses, but the optometrist assured me that unless I really quite desperately wanted to wear some, I didn't need them. But one of these days, I will need them - my parents both wear them for reading, and two of my siblings got them in their teens. Will I happily wear them, or will I go for contacts like my fashionable friend?

I must admit to loving bespectacled celebrities and models. There's just something about glasses that I find attractive. Who knows how I'd feel about it if I had to wear them every day? Which camp are you in? Do you love em or hate em? Or feel kind of 'meh' about the whole thing?

PS. Please don't get me started on hot men in glasses! SUH-WOON!



  1. HOT! I love my new glasses... and guys with glasses OMG! Sexy! It is up there with a guy wearing a nice fragrance.

  2. I always believed that the glasses can be very sexy!


  3. Ladies, I wholeheartedly agree with you! Glass are hot :)

  4. PS Stylish Mummy I may have to do a whole new post on beautiful fragrance. Let's not forget Coco: “A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future.”


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