Monday, March 1, 2010

Bruno's Art & Sculpture Garden, Marysville

Its been over 12 months now since Black Saturday, Australia's worst natural disaster, the day that flames roared like the demons of hell across Victoria, wiping out rural communities, taking 173 human lives (and plenty of pets, farm and wild animals) with it.

Yesterday I visited Marysville, a small town less than 100km north-east of Melbourne, that was demolished in the Black Saturday bushfires. Almost everything in this town was burnt to the ground, including one of my favourite galleries: Bruno's Art & Sculpture Garden. Bruno has plenty of photographs on his own website where you can see the extent of the devastation - here are my shots from yesterday, to show you his wonderful work in restoring the garden. The gallery building is in the process of being rebuilt, so I don't yet have any shots of that.

There are still very few buildings in Marysville (only 14 of over 400 survived the fires). I think its going to take them some time to get that lovely community back up and running. However, there are a number of businesses now operating, so take the time to drive up there and show them your support. Even if you just stop in for a coffee, then drive on to see Bruno's beautiful Sculpture Garden, that would at least be something!


  1. A little far for me to visit (I'm in the UK!) but it looks wonderful. Thanks for posting, came here through your flickr stream.

  2. Thank you for visiting Michelle :)


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